Whether you are an artist or a producer, Grindaholiks Sync will work to pitch your music for placements in film, television, commercials and video games. Let our company help you create residual streams of income from your music portfolio. 

Our Media Placements

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Grindaholiks Sync wants to help you understand the worth of your music and value everything you create as assets that can be intelligently managed.

Artists & Producers Connect
Grindaholiks Sync creates opportunities for artists and producers to work together on music,
which they can submit to us for placements. 

We also present new production opportunities for beat makers and producers to connect
with new artists and record label projects. 

Artists & Producers can also submit songs and discographies through
Dropbox or We Transfer by emailing us directly.

Submit your original musical catalog to the email GrindaholiksMusic@gmail.com

We’ll Work With You

Once we have reviewed the information provided, a scheduled call will he arranged to discuss next steps in the prospective clients plan moving forward. 

We will discuss how you can turn your music discography into stock portfolio where each song from your projects can perform like a dividend where your publishing works for you through a performance rights group to collect your music revenue for each placement we can help you secure. 

Each project you record as an artist or a producer has the capability of generating multiple streams of revenue per song that is similar to a dividend stock that produces money. 

Working with Grindaholiks Sync, we will submit your music to film, television,
commercials and video game projects.  At the same time you will gain insights
on how to better control your supply chain. 

Once you understand the value of the music assets that you are creating we can be a strategic partner assigning dollars and sense figures to your diverse portfolio that can be leveraged to help you as the creator, make more money and generate new streams of revenue for each song you create per project in your discography. 

Grindaholiks Sync  work with you in pitching and positioning each of songs to reach a new or growing audience, to help each song work as its own dividend for the artist or team of creators. 

We will utilize our growing network of music supervisors within tv, film, commercials and video games who are always looking for new music that best fit their respective projects. 

Music Value Stream 

Grindaholiks Sync wants to connect you with new opportunities to supply your music
for in demand projects.  Let us help you set goals and benchmarks for
how you want to make money from your music. 

Grindaholiks Sync is a 1-2-3 Business once you have created music, mixed & mastered it
then submit it and that’s when we go to work for you! 
We pitch your music, place your music and get you paid! 

Implement a process for how you can make more money from your music today! 
If you treat it like a business, you’ll eat like a business. 

Consulting Sessions

During our consulting sessions we will highlight the benefits of creating an asset management process to track all of your recorded songs so you can continuously grow your music portfolio and manage them accordingly.

We will also discuss strategies for applying release management to rolling out singles from future music projects and building campaigns through infrastructure management and best practices for amplifying your music business so you can advance your career while creating more cash flow to provide mailbox money that you can reinvest as you see fit. 

Continual music positioning. Decide on an organization to be your publisher. The performance rights organization will assume an administrative management role of your music publishing assets 

The PRO of your choosing will be collect all outstanding royalties and track revenue streams for each song in your catalog that is making you money. 

Grindaholiks Sync is here to help you monetize your music by adding value to your discography and publishing catalog. 

We facilitate the outcomes you want to achieve, without you having to manage any specific risks. 

We present your music to our configured network of music supervisors with an interest in purchasing for placement, where you are compensated based on the value they see your music adding to the media asset they want to distribute to their audience. 

Know what you need. Get what you want.  Contact us today!