Grindaholiks Academy will offer a multitude of course to students with an interest in music, and the entertainment industry providing programs to help them identify their profession of choice then equipping them with the information, tools and resources to achieve their dreams. 

Grindaholiks Academy will partner with high schools across North America. Where students in grade 9 through grade 12 will have the opportunity to shape their futures by investing time in acquiring  information that will advance their careers in their fields of choice. 

Grindaholiks Academy will also launch an international marketing campaign to reach high schools, colleges and universities around the world to reach a global audience.

Grindaholiks Academy will provide each student with a free toolkit that’s
tailor made for your career of choice. 

Once the students complete their respective courses they will be introduced to industry professionals who they can connect, meet and shadow to learn the inner workings of the business. 

Offer scholarships and bursaries to high school, college and university students through The Grindaholiks Foundation do charity donations and support causes we believe. 

Grindaholiks Academy will work with other music business schools and offer students with an interest in the music industry a way to make money doing what they love. 

Grindaholiks Academy will create jobs and provide talent development services to the next generation of business people and entrepreneurs.