Grindaholiks is a music marketing solutions company.
We are a black owned music licensing service provider.
The purpose of the business is to grow diverse Canadian talent to global levels,
while providing the tools necessary.

Grindaholiks offers creative entrepreneurs opportunities to secure money and media attention.
Over the last decade Grindaholiks has identified a number of problems within the music business and
come up with a vertically integrated solution model to tackle these challenges
in an effort to provide a better path to success. 

Our aim is to be an agent of change in this quickly adapt, or become obsolete, industry.
We provide a platform to shine a light on the next generation
that is reshaping the music business as we know it.

At Grindaholiks.com all members of our community will be able to take advantage of this one stop platform,
where people can find opportunities, education,
services and information on how best to move in the music business.

Education and lack of infrastructure are some of the biggest challenges for people who are just getting started,
and for those already established looking to evolve in the industry. 

By investing in the future generation, we will partner with institutions that share our vision and values
to provide a strategic path to all music lovers who have a dream for positive change
and making a real difference in the world.

Grindaholiks Academy will solve the problem of turning a passion into a career,
by offering insightful courses, information, toolkits, scholarships and webinars.
We will guide students from high school to post secondary graduation with resources
that prepare them for the dynamic entertainment sector.

Grindaholiks Sync sole focus is to empower all creatives within the music industry to be paid
and properly compensated for their work by pitching music to our network of music supervisors.
In addition, sourcing original sounds for our own Grindaholiks media projects and programs. 

Grindaholiks Music Group is a business development hub within our company focused on helping our clients
make and market their music following an all encompassing end to end process.
The Grindaholiks Music Group will find paid opportunities for our artist, producer and DJ clients.
 Through a combination of performances, music placements, and sync opportunities, our goal is to help
the next generation leading the future reach new heights through our multi purpose solution agency.

GRINDHOUSE Capital is going to offer financial assistance through grants and bursaries
to help start artists and music entrepreneurs career goals.
GRINDHOUSE Capital Grants will be implemented to fund music videos,
marketing and promotion of recorded singles, albums, touring and travelling.

Industry Gaps is going to address the podcast challenges in the current ecosystem to
help market, advertise, promote and educate people looking to launch podcasts
or radio shows online through different broadcasting resources. 
Navigating the Matrix.

Game Changers Network encompasses influential leaders in their craft
who are interested in collaborating with others.
We are seeking brand ambassadors to grow the marketing of the Grindaholiks Universe.
If this sounds like you, get in touch with us to learn about future opportunities.

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